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Styling and Creative Direction

Great styling/creative direction is the multifaceted vehicle that is the backbone of great design, great photography and great returns. A stylist/creative director is the life giver that breathes personality and emotion into an image. The heightened sense of vision; the entirely unique perception of surroundings;
the explicit attention to detail and understanding of colour all combine to create inimitable, unforgettable imagery. They are the imaginations behind the iconic images that inspire lifestyles, conjure characters,
build brands and at their very best go as far as to define entire generations and introduce prescient visions
of beauty.

PR, Events Management and Copy Writing

Words are the foundations that build an image, they are thrown up in the air and land, sometimes with
thud and there an image is born. Yet the words retain their meaning long after this moment. Words do not merely accompany an image they frame it.

Words are the means of reflecting the emotions in an image, they give them a second life and a clear
definition. Words render the speechless informed, the inspired understood and the sometimes-incomprehensible desirable.

It encompasses feature articles, press releases and extends to blogging, facebook, twitter and those funny
key words Google love. Writing is the most widely appreciated and understood form of communicating
information. It is a means to ensure that long after the words have been heard, the message lingers.

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